Facemask Branding

Social Distancing Swag!

The problem:

I mentor part-time for a company called Springboard. Every October they have a conference called Rise. For the conference, they like to have ‘Swag’ to hand out to attendees and helpers. They were in need of some innovative items that would be acceptable for a fully remote conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

My role:

To use Springboards brand guidelines (see logos below) and come up with 3 designs for potential ‘Swag’ items for the 2020 Conference. I worked alone designing the items as well as innovating on types of products.

Springboard logo
Springboard secondary mark


I started to break down COVID-19 and looked at all the existing restrictions that were similar around the world. There were some consistent themes:

  • No large gatherings
  • Face marks were mandatory in public places (majority of affected countries)
  • Public spaces were open as long as you respected social distancing
  • Take hand sanitiser around with you and regularly wash your hands
  • Limit your exercise in busy places, preferably, exercise at home or in quiet areas.

After researching and finding out about all these problems I thought it would be good to do some guerrilla testing. But how do I do that with social distancing and respecting others? My first point of call was slack. I’m part of many varied communities, although, most UX.

I had some great video calls with people probing into those 4 areas. How were people exercising and how were they socialising safely etc. There were lots of great insights gathered but there were some reoccurring themes. For instance:

  • Lack of trust around disposable face masks
  • Lack of individuality when wearing face-masks
  • Exercising at home with online sessions of Yoga or Pilates (however not all had mats)
  • People had invested in so much hand sanitiser that they still have loads left
  • People are starting to see family members and doing activities:
    • Going on social distance walks
    • Going to bars
    • Playing non-contact. low-contact sports
      • No to things like football (soccer), rugby or hockey etc
      • But yes to Cricket, Stoolball, Rounders, Frisbee etc
        • Equipment would be sanitised

With these great insights I was lead to focusing on 3 designs that could be included in the Rise 2020 swag for Springboard:

The Face-mask

Springboard Face-mask Concept

The Yogamat

Springboard Yogamat Concept

The Frisbee

Springboard Frisbee Concept

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor for the UX/UI track please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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