Omnichannel customer and agent experience pilot


Customers and agents sometimes felt disjointed when communicating. Often it was hard to explain certain elements of our products to our customers and vice versa


Lead UX Designer throughout the whole pilot.


While carrying out Ethnographic Field Studies we noticed that Agents often grabbed a pen and paper to help explain what they were trying to portray to the customer, obviously the customer could not see this. As this was a technology initiative and we were on a strict deadline we implemented a pilot to create a more omnichannel approach and remove the frustration of communicating difficult packages and products.


As this was for our existing call centre users we were able to reuse the personas already created, we had limited time and a small budget so needed to act quickly. First main UX deliverable was a Competitor Analysis and we found a tool that we were interested in using. While the 3rd party tool was being onboarded my team and I started working on storyboards, user flows and journeys and some time-based testing.

Storyboarding: We took the core journeys and put them into storyboards to see how the interaction and process could potentially work. We wanted to share screens for compliance messages, product sales and general help with the website. American Express agents are there to serve the customer however they need to so we had a lot to cover.

Due to NDA’s and Agent and Customer PII I am only able to share part of scenario 1. Scenario 1 covers how we can give the best user experience to the customer and agent when the customer asks for information about his American Express Cashback Card.

Meet our Agent
Meet our Customer

Timing corridor tests: We carried out a simple corridor test where we had a “customer” call an “Agent” asking a question that would refer them to use this 3rd party tool we were going to use for the pilot. The “Agent” would then ask the customer to open up their browser to start using the tool.  One of our main concerns was to not dramatically increase the customer call time. Our findings below


The pilot was incredibly successful, we made the URL’s more friendly so it was easier for the customer to type, most call types were either the same or time was reduced. We managed to collect more research on our customers, But unfortunately due to ‘things’ out of our control, this was not taken any further and did not come out of the pilot stage.