Folvika is the name of a Norwegian based retreat within the Arctic Circle. Lill Hilde & Ola are the hosts in Følvika, along with their two Border Terriers Kita and Zally! A visit to Folvika means living like a local and close to the host family. Find out more on their website.

A Breakdown of the brief

I was asked to create something beautiful that had the ‘Folvika’ feel, something that was magical and almost like Fantasy! Folvika is based within the Arctic Circle but they are so much more than the Northern Lights. Purely for research purposes, I had to visit Folvika and to get a true sense of what it was. I spent 4 days during April and it was breathtaking! Lill Hilde and Ola gave us the full Norwegian package, my god, the food was to die for! There were a few obvious landmarks to base their logo on, the private sandy beach, the shape of the bay, the plentiful wildlife including Wild Moose and Sea Eagles and the Mountain.

A few holiday research trip pictures