Brighton Flyball

Brighton Flyball?

Brighton Flyball is a local dog training company. They specialise in the dog sport Flyball and compete all over the country. They wanted to stand out from the rest and have a meaningful logo the clients would love to wear and promote. Find out more on their website.

A Breakdown of the brief

I was asked to create a website they’d be able to update themselves and also their Branding. I started off with attending their training sessions and really understanding what Flyball is. I took away 2 main areas I wanted to focus on

  1. A lot of netting and training aids were used for newer dogs and I noticed that some took to it better than others. It seemed to me that in the Sandschool where they trained some dogs just didn’t know the netting was there. It turns out that in a dogs colour spectrum Blue and Yellow are the most vivid. This is where I wanted to start with the Branding. From this day on Yellow and Blue training aids are used at the club!
  2. When I broke down Flyball the dogs completed the following activities:
    • Jumping over hurdles
    • collecting a Tennis Ball
    • Running
    • Coming back to the handler at the other end
    • Crossing into another dog

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