American Express Agent Metrics


Agents do not have full visibility of their personal/ team performance. American Express have all this information but it was not easily accessible for someone that didn’t understand how to interpret the data.


Lead UX-er, collating initial research to give weight to the problem statement. Consultant on next steps with product handover.


A dashboard was implemented to pull in all the Agents data from various in-house sources to give full visibility of their BAU and performance.


A benefit of working on internal applications is the ability to sit with users regularly and cover a whole plethora of User Research Methods, we were also given a big budget and most importantly time.

My first step was to carry out the following field studies. I took a team into call centres and was a fly on the wall. Due to customer confidentially I was unable to film, record or take pictures so we needed to take the best notes we could. We compiled all the information needed into an affinity diagram, which I’d be using throughout the whole project, and went back in to do some side-by-sides where we were able to ask questions for a little more clarity.

Now I had more of an idea of who our agents were and what their day to day roles was we needed to dive further in with 1-2-1 interviews. We had the ability to pull the agents away from the phones and screens so we were able to film, record and

photograph the sessions, which meant my team had the ability to give them our full attention during this process.

The start of a more rounded group of personas was created with all this qualitative data we mined. I carried out workshops with the team where we looked and created Dimensions we could configure users into, which helped plan our personas

I went on to use UserZoom to carry out a survey which was the only quantitative data we were able to get due to PII and using software, I also needed to work closely with HR in regards to questions I could ask. While we waited for Survey results to come through we carried out the participatory design and card sorting.

Before hand over, to another in house team we completed Heuristic evaluations on the multiple sources the Agents had access to, vision boards, concept map and competitor analysis using our vision of the product we were planning to build. I consulted on next steps with the new team, along with research handover and another user-focused roadmap which evolved into features and implementation and even created a very basic wireframe to help explain the vision of the product.