Senior Leader Global Call Centre Health Management – IOS…


Senior Leaders at American Express needed a tool where they could have real-time updates of the call centres on the go. The existing product did not suit their needs as it was very in-depth, by displaying more data than they needed to see and you needed to be within the secure network using your PC to view it.


Lead UX Designer throughout the whole product journey, from Alignment, Researching to Implementation and Evolving etc.


Take only the core data from the existing product I’d worked on (find the case study here) and display it on business Apple devices; iPad, iPhone and iWatch. The ability to set up and send custom notifications for call centres of interest. We worked with an internal mobile security team, that owned the secure container so that the senior leadership could safely have it installed on their devices.


All the Senior Leaders needed, was to quickly see how the call centre was performing. When interviewing the users and the stakeholders we found out that there were 4 core KPI’s that could tell this story. The users wanted to be able to have real-time updates wherever they were as call centre health was the top priority. There were a few obvious pain points with the current system:

  1. Needed to be viewed on a Laptop/PC
    • Didn’t work on Mac browsers at the time
    • Had to be view on AMERICAN EXPRESS secure network
      • Customer and Agent PII was displayed
  2. Too much information was being displayed for what they needed
  3. They had to dig around to get the KPI’s they needed for each Call Center. We had existing data in another product but these particular users didn’t have the time or the patients to look through everything that was displayed.

We were able to tackle the core pain points very simply.

  1. Move it to the Apple devices used at the company and use the secure container. We quickly learnt that using the Apple Business devices would be the best medium, as the users have to already be carrying these devices around, so we could just enhance what they already have with an app that could send push notifications.
    1. Apple Watch (notifications only)
    2. iPad
    3. iPhone
  2. Display only the 4 KPI’s needed to get the full picture
    1. This solved the security and compliance problem on having it on an app as no PII would be included
  3. Pull out those 4 important KPI’s so no digging around was necessary

American Express have Call Centers in over 23 countries all over the world so we needed a way we could clearly organise them within the app and also create an area each SVP could customise their notifications for the call centres they handle. I carried out more 1-2-1 interviews, card sorting tests and some participation design sessions to get the structure organised. With this information, we were able to create a small task flow diagram to help us plan our next steps.

Based on the task flow we created some wireframes and li-fi prototypes and tested them within the UK. Once we were happy we make some hi-fi prototypes in inVision to test with users in different countries. Once we planned the way the core content of the app itself was to work we moved on to the ‘My Account’ area. This was so important as it allowed app KPI notifications for customisation for the user. Below you can see a mid-fi flow that I put together based on some wireframes that I created. We took the account area into prototyping- following the same process as before, starting in the UK with paper prototypes and then moved to inVision, testing in the UK again, to all our users.

Below are 2 examples of the final outcome. We took this app into user testing to validate its usability according to our set measures